Paula Deen Launches 'I'm Your Chef on the Make, Not Your Friend, Honey!' Tour

Diabetic chef barely rested from her "I'm Your Cook, Not Your Doctor, Honey!" tour.

FC 250 Grand Marshal, Paula Deen
photo credit: Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway

ELEBRITY Southern Chef Paula Deen, who only recently admitted having been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes several years ago, has just launched another cooking tour through North America.

Dubbing it the "I'm Your Chef on the Make, Not Your Friend, Honey!" tour, Deen is brushing off concerns from her handlers that she should rest up from her recently completed "I'm Your Cook, Not Your Doctor, Honey!" tour.

The butter-and sugar-packed schedule includes 18 U.S. states as well as several Canadian stops. Ms. Deen promises she'll be "cookin' all the good stuff, ya'll, because I'm a celebrity chef, honey, not your friend!"

Deen fans in Tallahassee, Florida, where the chef previewed her new tour, said they didn't see much departure from the previous tour's recipes, but didn't mind.

"She kinda made all the same stuff as last time, but I love buttercream biscuits and sugarcube cake, so I'm not complaining!" said 28-year-old Jeannie L.

Paula Deen's spokeswoman, reached by phone, said that there were "a few healthier recipes on this tour," including "whipped-cream pie with real bananas added," and a "five-cheese soufflé, instead of the six-cheese version featured on the previous tour. That's like a hundred calories less per slice," she said.

However, the spokeswoman stressed that Ms. Deen "was not on a healthy eating tour, she's on an on-the-make tour, like the title says. Paula is all about transparency."

When challenged over the chef's long delay in releasing her health status, the spokeswoman replied, "I didn't say how quickly Paula is all about transparency. Give her a break, will you? She's a good 250 pounds!"

The celebrity chef is also selling her latest book while on tour. Fans can purchase "Paula Deen Soaks You for Fifty More Bucks, Honey!" at a 20-percent discount with complimentary test strips.