Q: Could you share some of your writing tips for budding writers?

A: Yes I could.

Q: Who are some of the writers that have influenced you over the years?

A: Oh, where to begin. It's a very long list of impressive names, some of which aren't even in English.

Q: Well, could you start by discussing your favorite writer?

A: Yes I could.

Q: Are you going to?

A: Maybe.

Q: You're being very difficult.

A: You're being very difficult.

Q: Are you mimicking me?

A: Are you mimicking me?

Q: Stop it!

A: Stop it!

Q: Okay, let's start over. Could you please share some of your writing tips for budding writers??

A: Honey, life is a zero sum game. I give you tips, you may knock me off the board.

Q: What does "zero sum game" mean?

A: Look it up. There's a tip, get a couple of reference books so you can look things up.

Q: I have to say, I'm very disappointed in this FAQ. You haven't been helpful at all.

Q: Hello?

A: You need to put your sentence in the form of a question. You're the "Q." "Q" stands for "question."

Q: Oh, nevermind!!

A: Oh, nevermind!!