Beauty and Romance Tips from Ms. Jared Kushner of New York

"Records filed with the New York state board of elections show Donald Trumpís son-in-law and senior adviser registered as a female voter in 2009." The Guardian

Jared Kushner - Caricature
illustration: DonkeyHotey

EAR Jared:

I think your complexion is amazing! Please tell me what you do to keep your skin so soft and smooth!

-Sandra, age 34

Thank you, Sandra! I hope I donít sound too vain when I admit that I get comments like yours quite frequently!

I have a very simple routine: I use a gentle, soap-free cleanser (morning and night!), pat dry with a clean towel, and then apply a sheer moisturizer that contains alpha hydroxy. Also, I wear no makeup, just a moisturizing lip balm. Ivanka is jealous ;-)

Dear Jared,

I really wish I had your fine bone structure! Do you have any hints for bringing out my cheekbones?

-Jillian, age 29

Wow, Jillian, that is so nice of you to say! Yes, Iím very lucky to have inherited my motherís excellent bone structure! When Iím in an important meeting and wish to impress, I suck in my cheeks and raise one eyebrow to achieve what I like to call "the executive look." From the hundreds of letters I receive daily from readers like you, it appears my technique is working!

Dear Jared,

Please tell me, how do you keep your marriage going strong? You and Ivanka look so happy, holding hands all the time.

-Andrea, age 32

Thanks, Andrea! Ivanka and I really are as happy as we look. I would say our strong marriage is due to 1) being blessed with three beautiful children, and 2) having rewarding careers. We've always known that, in America, if we work really hard, we can succeed at anything! (And so can you!)

The White House is such a fun place to work, plus we even get to have lunch with the President of the United States, who just happens to be "grandpa"! Did I mention the free babysitting? ;-)

Dear Jared,

Would you and Ivanka ever consider posing nude? So many stars do it, and you are both so trim and photogenic!

-Jackie, age 27

omg, Jackie, I'm blushing!! I know posing nude is a popular thing to do these days, but Ivanka and I donít really consider ourselves to be "stars" so much as hard-working public servants who happen to be endlessly pursued by photographers! Also, as the parent of three young children, I want to set the right example for them, as does Ivanka—who is giggling uncontrollably right now!!

Dear Jared,

I think the press is very mean to you! How do you keep your hair so shiny and well-groomed under the constant glare of hot lights??

-Amber, age 23

Thanks for your support, Amber! The press is only doing their job, but maybe they could give Americans a little more positive, upbeat news now and then! For example, a certain personís lovely wife is celebrating a birthday soon *<:)

My hair routine, like my skin routine, is very simple. I shampoo twice a week with baby shampoo (no tears!) and just before I run out the door, I give my hair a little spritz of Ivanka's Elnett Satin spray. Voilà, shiny hair! For that extra-groomed look, I run a man's comb once through, and I'm ready for lights, camera, action!