Alan Grayson's Ex Requests New Restraining Order on Congressman's Ties

Judge immediately approves order after viewing photographic evidence.

Congressman Alan Grayson, Florida's 8th District (D)
photo credit: cliff1066

O SOONER THAN Florida Representative Alan Grayson breathed a sigh of relief that his estranged wife's restraining order had been revoked, did Lolita Carson-Grayson ask the very same judge to issue a new restraining order, this time against Grayson's tie wardrobe.

Citing "threatening conditions when in close proximity to my estranged husband's ties on repeated occasions," Ms. Carson-Grayson pleaded for immediate action.

With notable swiftness, the judge approved the restraining order based upon photographic evidence he said was "compelling and quite fashion backward."

Comparing the two restraining orders he had ruled on regarding Mr. Grayson, the judge said, "Although insufficient evidence compelled me to vacate the first restraining order, this court has way more evidence than it needs or frankly wants to issue the second."

The judge also issued an additional restraining order that would bar the Congressman from coming within 100 yards of the judge's courthouse, citing the need "to shield my personnel from the worst ties since the 1970s."

Mr. Grayson will not be prohibited from appearing on television or the Internet, however the judge ruled that media outlets "should at least consider digitally replacing the Congressman's ties so as not to unduly traumatize the general public."

The Florida congressman issued a press release announcing he was "eager" to meet with members of the media regarding the latest restraining orders against him. Sources say that the press is more than willing to hear Mr. Grayson's side, but won't be caught dead with him in a photo.