Woman Having Good Hair Day Makes Unscheduled Trip to Shopping Mall

Garners expected envious and admiring glances.

ENNY LARSON OF Ames, Iowa, changed her plans last Thursday morning upon discovering that she was having an especially good hair day.

The brunette said she decided to skip house-cleaning and headed to the local shopping mall "to show off my fabulous hair. This kind of thing doesn't happen every day, you know."

First on Jenny's agenda was to make a beeline for the color photo booth at the mall, where she documented the good hair "from every possible angle."

A review of the photos by a roving panel of impartial mall shoppers confirmed Jenny's suspicion "that this was probably my best hair day ever in my life!"

Three women chosen for the panel agreed unanimously that Jenny's hair was "lustrous, flowing, and well-styled." Four men on the panel rated Ms. Larson's hair "hot or higher," and one of the men awarded Jenny extra points by asking her out.

"I'm married, so I didn't accept," said Jenny. "But I still got the extra points."

After the photo session and judging, Ms. Larson walked slowly up and down every hallway in the mall to show off her good hair. She counted 16 admiring glances and 21 envious ones, "which," Jenny explained, "are better than the admiring ones."

Having worked up quite an appetite, Jenny headed for the food court for some good-hair attention over Bourbon Chicken, Lo Mein, and a Diet Coke from "Asia Delight."

"The chicken was a little spicy for my taste, but it was a special occasion, so what the heck," Jenny said.

After declining two offers from 15-year-old boys to become a highly sought-after prostitute, Jenny went to work displaying her good hair at the most exclusive department store in the mall.

"I barely walked into the makeup department before a girl begged to give me a makeover," Jenny attested. "She totally died over my hair."

Ms. Larson then made one more circuit around the mall, turned down another 15-year-old recruiter, and headed home.

"A day to remember, for sure," Jenny said. "I didn't want it to end."