Ex-President George W. Bush Admits He Was 'in It for the Turkey Pardoning'

"Saving lives," elaborated Bush 43.

GWBush Thanksgiving 2006
photo credit: Paul Morse [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

S THANKSGIVING nears and media outlets look for inspiring stories from notables and celebrities, former President George W. Bush was asked to provide a Thanksgiving memory to share with the American people.

The ex Commander-in-Chief did not hesitate to tell a reporter with USA Today that one of his favorite Thanksgiving memories as President was "pardoning a turkey every year at the White House."

Bush admitted that, despite the many solemn duties required of him as President of the United States, he personally was "in it for the Turkey pardoning."

Asked to elaborate, the former President and current portrait painter said, "Saving lives."

When asked to elaborate just a little more, Mr. Bush said, "I loved petting the Turkey and tellin' him he was gonna live to gobble another day," he explained. "Nothin' like savin' a turkey each Thanksgiving."

Mr. Bush revealed that his two favorite "turkey-pardoning years" were right after 9/11 and again in 2003.

"9/11 was depressing, but then Thanksgiving came and I got to pardon a turkey," he recounted. "Good feeling."

He went on, "Then, 'Mission Accomplished,' not just in Iraq, but in the Rose Garden, when I pardoned another turkey in '03. Saved his neck, so to speak. So a good year, all in all," Bush concluded.

Asked if he missed pardoning Turkeys as President, Bush replied, "Sure I do, who wouldn't? Fun job, good times in the Rose Garden," he said wistfully.

In closing, the President was asked whether he would ever paint the portrait of a turkey to commemorate Thanksgiving.

"Maybe," Mr. Bush said. "But only if I'd get to pardon him first. That's the really fun part."