Men Camp Outside Movie Theaters for Tickets to New French Lesbian Love Film

Cannes Film Festival favorite draws new audience.

photo credit: carol and co

LL ACROSS the United States, men who normally wouldn't be caught dead standing in line for a French film have been camping outside theaters for two and three nights in order to secure tickets to Blue Is the Warmest Color, the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or winner about two young lesbian lovers.

"I really think it's time to give foreign films a chance," proclaimed one man outside his local theater in upstate New York. "I mean, you're never too old to learn and stuff."

When another man, third in line outside the theater, was asked whether the film's Palme d'Or prize had inspired him to camp overnight to secure a ticket, he replied, "I don't care what door prize the movie won, as long as this door opens at 9:00 a.m. like it says here on the sign."

Most of the men admitted that one of the sticking points to attending foreign films was having to read subtitles, although with regard to Blue the men said they were willing to deal with the inconvenience.

"I think I can predict with complete certainty that subtitles will not affect my enjoyment of this film whatsoever," said one camper.

"I'll take that one step further," said his friend. "I predict that, even with the subtitles, I will enjoy this movie more every time I see it."

Another man said he was camped out to improve his relationship with his girlfriend of three years.

"She's always trying to get me to see foreign films, and I'm always like, 'No way.' But now I want to do some things she wants to do, to show how much I care and everything," he explained.

"And if she feels like it," he added, "I'll even go to the sequels, if there are any. I sure hope there are sequels. For the sake of improving our relationship."